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Increase of Demand for Automation and Robotics To Help 2023 Labor Shortage Challenges in the U.S. Healthcare System

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Smart Technology Ecosystems will Fuel the U.S.
Manufacturing Renaissance

Opportunities for Smart Factory Tech Developers – U.S. Microfactories vs. Megafactories

An increasing need for automation technologies in hospitals and the healthcare industry

BDMT Global CEO Suzy Im “An opportunity for the revival of the U.S. manufacturing industry, but a sophisticated market strategy is required.”

Accessible Worker Technology – Innovations Spreading Employment Opportunities

The Increasing Focus on Women’s Health – Preventative Medicine Access

Shifting Healthcare Models and Initiatives in the U.S.: A New Focus on Preventative Medicine

Smart Homes: Solution and Adoption Trends in the U.S.

Industrial IoT: Making Everyday Operations More Efficient

A Rising Trend – U.S. Investors Across Categories Seek Korean Innovations

Top Growing Geographic Areas for South Korean Companies to Expand U.S. Investments

FemTech: How the U.S. Healthcare Industry Is Progressing in Women’s Health

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The Rise of FemTech: From a Niche Industry Segment to Forming its Own Ecosystem

U.S. Industry Trends – Strikes Happening Across Automotive Manufacturing in the U.S. and What it Means for Technology Developers.

Successful Market Expansion through Building a Solid Ecosystem – THIRA ROBOTICS Signs MOU with DISHER and What it Means for S. Korean Innovators Seeking Similar Success

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Preparing for 2024 – The Top Trends that Korean Innovators will Need Focus on for U.S. Market Entry