#23 Strengthening Digital experiences and Enabling Self

Modern digital marketing strategies

Service for US market expansion during the Pandemic

B2B buyers expect the same online experience they get from eCommerce to carry over to their B2B work. These fluid expectations are only growing with advances in eCommerce. According to a survey by the US market research firm Gartner, over 85% of B2B corporate customer service will be provided through online ‘self-service’ by 2022. 

In order to get ahead of global and local competition, the key is to transition the existing process to a digital foundation quickly and seamlessly, especially when entering the US market with no local presence.

DXP – a New Generation of Marketing Tools to Enable Seamless Digital Experience

The new generation of the omnichannel marketing experience technology, Digital Experience Platform, or DXP, has been designed to enable the seamless transfer of all customer data across all touchpoints and create a custom experience for every buyer’s journey.

By moving to DXP, businesses can deliver a superior customer experience to B2B digital commerce, using the same advanced technology that enhances leading B2C experiences. 

Multiple vendors provide DXPs, with Liferay leading Gartner’s ranking in 2020 Critical Capabilities for Digital Experience Platforms. 

Critical Features and Capabilities of DXPs

One of the critical features of the DXP is to cultivate customer communities through online forums and provide opportunities to build digital transformation through integrated platforms.

It also provides high-efficiency customer service through its online self-service capabilities, allowing customers to solve problems without the help of live representatives.

It provides more relevant content to buyers through personalization. Customers can easily manage and update their account information. It reduces costs while increasing customer satisfaction, and simplifies recurring orders with a reorder button and a saved order list. Platform management capabilities allow businesses to measure and find areas for improvement thanks to integrated analytics solutions. 

Digital Transformation with the Human Face

Enabling automated personalized experience building is a great step towards digital transformation for many international companies who are struggling to connect with prospects and create a sales pipeline during COVID. 

More importantly, it helps implement strategies and capabilities that will be crucial in the new normal, where there will be no more relying on trade shows or in-person businesses. 

Automation, however, requires companies to find ways to humanize their brands, and create a local presence through omnichannel in-person connection opportunities mixed in their business development and marketing process.

To ensure that DXP is not just a platform or channel, however, you must devote time to analyzing the purchase process and identifying content needs. A strategic approach to reducing costs through automation and effectively utilizing end-to-end processes is the beginning of transformation to maximize sales.

Digital Transformation of Manufacturing Sector

Digital is changing everything in manufacturing. We work with a variety of global manufacturers to create new products and services enabled by digital transformation, effective market launches, and secure digital experience for prospects and customers. We focus on customizing mass production, marketing, and global business development through customer-centered business processes.  

Innovative Model of D2C for B2B and B2C

In our last column, we mentioned that the omnichannel consumer direct sales (D2C) business model is a key strategy in the process of expanding to global markets. It is an innovative method of expanding sales through securing trust and local mind share.

B2B companies should strive to provide a place for buyers to purchase products more easily through search-based customization for a variety of categories, using personalized content recommendations similar to B2C product recommendation engines.

According to survey results, competition among companies seeking to improve the B2B digital customer experience is expected to intensify. More than 80% of manufacturers and distributors plan to invest into a smoother customer experience this year. It is time to develop and expand the market more actively through the technological revolution, while solving many problems brought by the pandemic and acceleration of online-based markets.