#24 Emergency Accelerator Program for the New Normal Era

2021 Emergency Sales Accelerator for Asian and Korean Companies

BDMT Global, two-time Stevie Awards winner for remarkable achievements amid the COVID-19 crisis, launched the ‘Emergency Accelerator Program’ for companies to expand to the North American market and maximize sales around the world.

The D2C+ Omnichannel Success Formula developed by BDMT Global, headquartered in Boston USA, has proven its effectiveness by winning two Stevie Awards. It is gaining attention as a business strategy that provides opportunities to expand global business during the pandemic by combining a business model that replaces overseas exhibitions with an omnichannel sales development program.

Companies around the world, including Korea, Singapore, and Canada, can participate in the Emergency Accelerator Program and receive training opportunities to acquire industry-specific knowledge.

What the BDMT Global team observed from last week’s global webinar that was presented to company executives in 10 countries, is that many companies still rely on the old process. Prior to the COVID-19 crisis, business-to-business (B2B) and business-consumer (B2C) global companies such as Intel and Nike have been using direct-to-consumer (D2C) strategies to interact with their targets.

However, many companies still solely rely on middlemen, distributors, or mass marketplaces such as Amazon in the process of expanding to overseas markets. There may be differences in the process of companies adopting the ‘D2C+ omnichannel formula’, a customer-centric business model, but by resetting target audiences, tools, and business processes through analysis of the changing environment, crises can be turned into opportunities.

If companies use the Emergency Accelerator Program based on the success factors of D2C+ omnichannel, they can gain the advantage of securing more freedom than existing business models, while implementing better sales tactics that successfully replace international trade shows that have been placed on hold due to the pandemic.

Breaking away from the method that has been dependent on Amazon (B2C) or distribution channels (B2B), it facilitates communication with end users that companies were previously unable to reach, as well as securing larger buyers by showcasing consumer demand to maximize the brand’s appeal. Companies can secure more sales without trade shows. By operating the platform directly, it is possible for companies to collect and analyze more detailed data on end-users, which can be used to create a sales strategy with enhanced creativity.

By establishing a self-service platform for selling products or services, there are no geographical restrictions. Self-service is also one of the necessary platforms needed to establish a strong process that can attract leads through the omnichannel approach.

However, through the use of an owned platform, it is possible to freely reorganize new targets, tactics, and processes to expand the market significantly. It is important to make optimal use of automation and technology to enable a seamless online self-service process that takes users from researching information to the final purchase.

This direct sales method is more actively used among B2B businesses. Although most B2B companies are still limited to product promotion, there is a need for a consumer-centric method that highlights the importance of personal relationships, like Intel or General Electric, have been focusing on.

Overall, the Emergency Accelerator Program provides a new business foundation and creative environment to companies targeting the North American market. Are you still relying on old processes in a rapidly changing environment? It is time to review your target audiences in the changing environment, and urgently reset the process to meet new needs.