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Supporting International Companies Entering The U.S. Market

Headquartered in Boston, with locations in cities including New York and Seoul, Business Development & Marketing Transformation (BDMT) Global is led by a group of award-winning experts focusing on specific industries such as life sciences, healthcare, wellness, medical devices, technology, manufacturing, crowdfunding, and entrepreneurship.

BDMT Global is an outsourced business growth and marketing execution team offering strategic go-to-market, business development, and marketing services for companies trying to break into the U.S. market and other parts of the world.

It has grown into its own business unit beyond Asian clients and brings value it brings to its clients worldwide by combining the best of a digital growth skillset and our own unique expertise in global growth, specifically expanding Asian companies beyond Asia.

The company is led by Suzy Im, the Managing Partner of BDMT Global, and Dr. Jake Lee, who has accumulated more than 20 years of industry experience in bioscience. Suzy is a widely-known name in global business development and an award-winning marketing transformation leader featured in publications such as Fortune Magazine. Dr. Jake Lee’s experience spans R&D, process development, product development, manufacturing support, operation, and business development fields such as multinational companies, biotechnology, and biopharmaceuticals companies like Pfizer, Lonza, Shire, Amgen, and Takeda.

BDMT Global wins a TITAN Business Gold Entrepreneur Award for biotechnology in May 2022

Managing Partner of BDMT Global · Senior Marketing Faculty and Advisory Board Member, Emerson College

Fostering Collaboration and Innovation - Anytime, Anywhere.

With experts located worldwide, BDMT prides itself in creating connections.



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Expanded Business Partnerships & Industry Support for International Companies

In addition to the firm’s global services, BDMT Global expands clients’ network of partnerships, creates strong industry references in the target entry market, generates distribution channels, and maximizes sales efforts in the US market and countries around the world. The company’s BD (Business Development) and MT (Marketing Transformation), leadership resources, and training strengthen clients’ internal BD marketing capabilities to help them successfully enter the U.S. market and other parts of the world.