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Strategic Go To Market and, Business Development Marketing services for Asia-based companies entering the US Market
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Global Business Growth
Headquartered in Boston Business Development & Marketing Transformation (BDMT) Global is led by a group of award-winning experts focusing on specific industries such as life sciences, healthcare, wellness, medical devices, technology, manufacturing, crowdfunding, and entrepreneurship.

BDMT Global is an outsourced business growth and marketing execution team offering strategic go-to-market, business development, and marketing services for international companies trying to break into the U.S. market and other parts of the world.

The company is led by Suzy Im, the Managing Partner of BDMT Global and former SVP of TribalVision Worldwide. Suzy is an internationally recognized name in global BD (Business Development) and MT (Marketing Transformation) and has been featured in publications such as Fortune Magazine.

Expanded Business Partnerships & Industry Support for International Companies
In addition to the firm’s global services, BDMT Global expands clients’ network of partnerships, creates strong industry references in the target entry market, generates distribution channels, and maximizes sales efforts in the US market and countries around the world. The company’s BD (Business Development) and MT (Marketing Transformation), leadership resources, and training strengthen clients’ internal BD marketing capabilities to help them successfully enter the U.S. market and other parts of the world.

Training and Coaching to Strengthen BD & MT Capabilities
BDMT Gloval is widely recognized for advising, training, coaching, and helping growing companies from beginning to end in strategy & implementation of go-to-market processes, global marketing outreach, digital transformation, and new market entries around the world.

Suzy Im

Supporting International Companies Entering The U.S. Market

A widely-known name in global business development and an award-winning marketing transformation leader, Suzy established Business Development & Marketing Transformation (BDMT) Global to support Asian clients entering the U.S. market. Both as a business development consultant and a hands-on practitioner, she has played a transformative role in helping generate powerful global business operations for clients worldwide especially in life sciences, healthcare, wellness, medical devices, and technology, manufacturing, crowdfunding, and entrepreneurship industries. 

BDMT Global has grown into its own business unit beyond Asian clients and brings value it brings to its clients worldwide by combining the best of a digital growth skillset and our own unique expertise in global growth, specifically expanding Asian companies beyond Asia.

Often assuming the role of a virtual CMO, and Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO), Suzy has amassed a portfolio of key successes in a wide variety of life sciences, healthcare, and technology enterprises in Asia and beyond. Suzy works with technology companies and life science/healthcare organizations to engage audiences, drive market needs/sales, and meet various client goals.

In the life science arena, Suzy works with the Senior Science Advisory Group (SSAG) and BD (Business Development) managers who have expertise in commercial strategy, licensing (out- and in-bound) for finding strategic partners/licensees, securing appropriate potential targeted partners/licensees, and scouting for technologies/companies for both out- or in-licensing/acquisition.  

In the medical device, healthcare, and overall B2B technology arena, Suzy works with leading IT or medical industry analysts and influencers to help technology/healthcare vendors gain visibility, build valuable references, penetrate global markets, and create strong demand. She has also worked with a wide variety of technology enterprises and has worked with leading global brands including Siemens, GE, Gateway, Konika, HP, Teradyne, and Samsung.

Suzy and her work have been recognized in Fortune Magazine, Digital Times, and E-Times. As an engaging event speaker, she has delivered numerous keynote addresses and seminars. At many global organizations and events, Suzy hosted executive training sessions and spearheaded conference marketing, business development, and leadership communications efforts. 

In addition to her business career, Suzy is also an adjunct professor of Marketing and Communications at Emerson College, located in Boston, since 2004. Suzy is passionate about creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and highlighting the work of female leaders, especially in STEM. She is a co-founder of For Creators, By Creators (FCBC) and founder of Empower Women in STEM (EWS).

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Suzy resides in Boston with her husband, Jake, and their two girls. 

Our Partners

For Creators By Creators

For Creators By Creators (FCBC) brand was co-founded by BDMT Global and We The People (WTP), the world’s only multichannel crowdfunding retail chain and creator support community. We lead FCBC and WTP’s business development initiatives, accelerating global expansion and specifically enabling the U.S. market entry along with strategic partnerships.

Launched Brand

We created and built “For Creators By Creators” Brand to position and establish “We The People” in the U.S.

Case Study

Accelerate Global Expansion in Competitive Industry

Award Generation

Sourced SABRE Awards for FCBC

Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Project
New Hampshire Manufacturing Extension Partnership
Professional Education Center
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
For Creators By Creators
training, coaching for strategy - implementation for global marketing outreach