Analyst Relations (AR)

Assist in Establishing a Leadership Market Position

The analysts are key buying decision influencers, especially in B2B Technology. A strong AR program targets key analysts covering your company’s industry and the industries you sell into. 

We develop custom messaging to position the company as an industry leader and be relevant to the analysts that cover your markets.

BDMT has led client AR programs for 25 years: we position you as an industry leader and help maintain that position through consistent analyst relations. We also offer a global Analyst Relations program, irrespective of your current market.

The main benefits of an effective AR program include being shortlisted in analyst reports; receiving strategic advice from industry experts; getting unbiased positive quotes regarding key product features, benefits or use cases; and having an opportunity for referrals to potential buyers.

In the U.S., it is nearly impossible to penetrate the market and generate a meaningful customer base without analyst and influencer validation.

We Deploy These Key Steps to Jumpstart Analyst Relations

  • Identify most relevant industry analysts
  • Outreach with proactive personalized messages
  • Leverage key events to update analysts
  • Schedule and coordinate analyst briefings
  • Prep and rehearse to finalize your talking points
  • Join analyst briefings to provide input, when appropriate, and debrief afterwards
  • Follow up and reconnect to maintain relationships
U.S. Analyst Relations Marketing Services For Asian Companies

Sample Results from the Global AR Programs

Result #1: 2 Analyst Briefings Secured with the largest AR global firm

Result #2: 3 More Briefings Secured to Expand on the Initial Two

Result #3: Key Analyst Quote / Validation Received to Use in Promotional Materials

Result #4: Analyst Relations Briefings Expanded to a Company Profile Published by the AR Firm (U.S.)

Result #5: Reignited Past Relationships with the AR Firm (UK)