Tell us what key internal organizational problem you experience, and we will provide you with 3 tailored solutions for free

Place and Progress in Relation to Key Competitors

Invite BDMT Global to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your business development organization – all aspects of it – people, tools, processes, interlock with other functions, results, and productivity.

We will compare your business to other similar organizations and advise on short-term and long-term investment priorities that are necessary for organizational survival, streamlined and profitable operations, and securing leadership in the marketplace.

Technical Capabilities and Automation Audit

Does your organization use all the necessary tools to automate mundane time-consuming tasks? Are they the right tools to meet your objectives? Maybe there are too many vendors to juggle and your pipeline bears unnecessary costs?

BDMT Global helps with finding and integrating tools missing from your tech stack, rationalizing the network of your existing vendors, significantly reducing redundancy and expense, while simplifying the day-to-day operations of your team.

Sales Funnel Audit

Need to ensure a smooth predictable flow of leads into your pipeline while keeping the cost-per-lead down? Tap into our market development and business process know-how and experience in organizing and optimizing funnels at the world’s most effective marketing organizations.

Is your funnel yielding a sufficient amount of revenue and an adequate number of deals? Where in the funnel do you have the biggest obstacles, hurdles, and inefficiencies? What are the missing steps to implement an effective ABM program?

BDMT Global will inspect all funnel stages, all inputs, outputs, and conversion drivers to identify broken or weak processes and opportunities for a lift.

Business Development Strategy and Positioning Audit

BDMT Global will benchmark the organization’s brand messaging, value propositions, proof points, and the mission statement to support your overall business development goals. We will evaluate your business development and marketing strategy and develop a strategic plan to achieve your goals and improve your position in the market.

We will review your operations and results and will supply 10+ specific optimization opportunities based on our deep knowledge of the channels and deep insights into the market and your competition.

After comparing you to competitors in the same industry, we will provide an actionable list of recommendations that can be implemented for immediate results – innovating around their positions or beating them at their game.

Sample Results for Auditing Project

Result #1: Auditing of a $250M international high-tech manufacturing company resulted in multiple organizational improvements across all business intelligence and market-facing functions, including the creation of a new critical team that was missing.

Result #2: Auditing of a global sales organization of an international medical device startup resulted in a new sales organization structure and better alignment of resources.