TITAN Women In Business Awards 2022, Female Entrepreneur of the Year

Suzy Im, Managing Partner at BDMT Global has recently won the TITAN Women’s Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 – Entrepreneur of the Year (Business > 10 Years). Suzy’s work with BDMT Global provides a notable example of adaptation and key strategy planning – two crucial elements to inciting successful business development and marketing transformation. This award recognizes the achievements of female entrepreneurs and business owners whose efforts allow their businesses to grow exponentially and inspire businesses.

TITAN Business Award 2022, Gold Winner: Entrepreneur – Biotechnology

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the TITAN Business Gold Entrepreneur Award for biotechnology. BDMT Global is dedicated to supplying knowledge of successful creators and business leaders for next-generation innovators, from biotechnology to other industries, in hopes of growing their ideas. The TITAN Business Awards program recognizes, celebrates, and honors innovative excellence across all business incorporated industries, as well as the most outstanding entrepreneurs within high-growing businesses.

Stevie Award 2021, Female Entrepreneur of the Year

Suzy Im, Managing Partner at BDMT Global recently won the Silver Stevie® Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year. Despite COVID-19’s threat to businesses worldwide, Suzy and her team at BDMT developed new pandemic-based strategies that benefited their clients successfully. Suzy led her team in adapting to major challenges, turning them into opportunities that have driven success for entrepreneurs, global clients, and professional women alike.

Best in Biz Bronze Award 2020

Best in Biz Award 2020, Executive of the Year

BDMT Global’s Managing Partner, Suzy Im, has been named a Bronze Best in Biz Award winner for Executive of the Year. Amidst a global pandemic, Suzy led the BDMT Global team in launching the Emergency Sales Accelerator to aid international businesses in expansion.

Silver Stevie Award

Stevie Award 2020, For Women in Business

Suzy Im, Managing Partner at BDMT Global recently won the Silver Stevie® Award in the Female Executive of the Year Award. Suzy and her team developed digital efforts as a means to grow businesses in the face of the pandemic through hosting innovative live commerce for international companies trying to meet customers and B2B buyers around the world.

BDMT is a Gold Stevie Award Winner

Stevie Award 2020, The American Business Awards

Our innovative Virtual Live Sales Event won a Gold Stevie Award 2020 at American Business Awards (ABA) in the Live Event category. On February 29,  2020, BDMT Global organized and co-hosted FCBC Go Global, a virtual entrepreneurial trade show that attracted participants from around the world. Suzy Im was one of two women to win Gold in category.