Brand Auditing

Place and Progress in Relation to Key Competitors

In order to visually see results from your efforts, companies need to have a quantifiable way to measure brand building, especially in comparison to competing brands.

Through our brand scoring and comparison analysis model, we help our clients analyze where they stand in relation to competitors, how our work has shifted their position within the market, and what their next steps are.

We evaluate you and your competitors through metrics like industry report mentions, social media engagement, paid advertising presence, etc. to help generate the picture of where the brand stands in the market, how it has moved, and what it must improve to position itself better.

We Offer the Following Steps In Order to Measure Your Brand

  • Inventory all your competitors
  • Score all visible presence in public domain and channels
  • Analyze and visualize positions of all market players
  • Compare key strategies
  • Decipher competitors’ GTM strategies based on their visibility
  • Move your position higher via a comprehensive & precise intervention
  • Remeasure and monitor for aggressive counter-moves

Sample Results We Measured for Client A Thanks to the Unique Brand Auditing Method

  • Improved Analyst Relations from 2nd to last among competitors to #1 ranking
  • Improved paid advertising from last among competitors to #2 ranking
  • Improved event activities from #4 to #1 overall among competitors
  • Improved PR from #5 to #1
  • Improved SEO from #5 to #1
  • Overall, improved client A’s brand from 5th among competitors to 2nd ranking in less than 6 months

Would you like a fresh and unbiased view into your brand’s position in the market?

Share you key competitors and your top 3 goals to see how you compare