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#25 US Market Expansion Plan

Global digital marketing for Asian companies expanding to the US

Where We Are Now And Where We Will Go In 2021 Did any of your 2020 predictions and sales plans turn out as expected? No, I didn’t think so. 2020 was the most disruptive year since the global financial crisis of 2008. Curiously, it primarily affected major Western economies where I live and work.  Dysfunctional […]

#24 Emergency Accelerator Program for the New Normal Era

2021 Emergency Sales Accelerator for Asian and Korean Companies

BDMT Global, two-time Stevie Awards winner for remarkable achievements amid the COVID-19 crisis, launched the ‘Emergency Accelerator Program’ for companies to expand to the North American market and maximize sales around the world. The D2C+ Omnichannel Success Formula developed by BDMT Global, headquartered in Boston USA, has proven its effectiveness by winning two Stevie Awards. […]

#23 Strengthening Digital experiences and Enabling Self

Modern digital marketing strategies

Service for US market expansion during the Pandemic B2B buyers expect the same online experience they get from eCommerce to carry over to their B2B work. These fluid expectations are only growing with advances in eCommerce. According to a survey by the US market research firm Gartner, over 85% of B2B corporate customer service will […]

#21 Innovative D2C For B2B & B2C Expansion in the US

An Innovative Strategy to Catch Two Birds with One Stone The direct to consumer (D2C) business model, in which manufacturers can freely communicate with buyers and sell products, is increasingly being utilized during the pandemic crisis. As companies that have succeeded in D2C emerged, the number of companies introducing D2C as a new growth engine […]

#20 B2B in 2021 is the Key to Focusing on the US Market

Educational seminar for industry case studies

The pandemic has made the role of marketing more important than ever. According to the recently conducted Chief Marketing Manager (CMO) Survey’ in North America, 62.3% of companies responded that they would further strengthen marketing. They are busy establishing marketing strategies to prepare for a new market structure and environment in 2021. According to market […]

#19 Global SMB Leader in K-Beauty’s Successful Strategy to Expand in the North American Market

Global Delivery Manufacturing

As consumer purchases in North America declined due to the pandemic, the strategy of beauty companies that have been targeting the anti-aging market started to see red signals. However, some companies have succeeded by taking advantage of the unique situation the pandemic created. Among our clients, Dermafirm, which pioneered the overseas market with high-quality skin […]

#18 Global Healthcare Expansion Despite Pandemic

Global digital marketing for Asian companies expanding to the US

South Korea takes first place among all developed countries that have the best access to healthcare. Its internal handling of challenges due to COVID-19 earned it a well-deserved best-in-class reputation. As the second wave of the pandemic hit South Korea – the country’s response was unparalleled, yet again. It is now the opportune time to […]

#16 Three Strategies for COVID-19 Era Online Sales Events

As a result of COVID-19, most of the global sales events such as overseas exhibitions and conferences for entering overseas markets were canceled or moved online. Success at online sales events can be difficult to achieve by only attending a simple webinar or a part of an offline exhibition that many companies are doing online. […]

#14 Creating a Strong Sales Engine During COVID-19

5 Stages for CEO Adaptation for Sales Pipeline Survival During the current crisis, your organization’s quick ability to adapt to the new reality will determine if it survives, strives, or closes its doors. Don’t make the mistake of losing time and hoping that your dried-up pipeline will somehow come back if you just do more […]

#13 Finding Investors in the US Healthtech Market

Distributor Relations

How to Make Your Company Attractive Healthtech is exploding with M&As: major players like Walmart, CVS Health, Walgreens and other smaller entities are buying innovative technologies/startups to grow their own solutions with additional capabilities. There is a proliferation of healthtech and other healthcare-related startups (5,000+ of known entities around the world and counting) financed by […]

#12 Why Korean HealthTech Innovators Fail in the US Markets

U.S. healthcare is taking a hit now, however, with potentially different executive governments in post-COVID-19 America, there will be an increased focus on improving public health (including taking control of underlying conditions that lead to more deaths). The Korean health system and leading manufacturers can teach the rest of the world how we won against […]

#7 Key Players in Global HealthTech

Race to Solutions in Healthcare: Join or Compete? Healthcare and HealthTech are becoming more sophisticated every year. The world is grappling with a quickly aging population, climbing comfort expectations, and increasing life expectancies in most countries. Governments have long been custodians of national health systems in the most developed countries (except for the U.S. and […]

#5 Iconic Healthcare Show is Cancelled Due to COVID-19. What Korea Can Do to Win in Global HealthTech Markets in 2021?

Cancelled trade shows

HIMSS2020 is typically the biggest HealthTech get-together in the U.S. With only seven Korean companies among 1,300 exhibitors registered in 2020, what are they missing? HIMSS has been the largest healthcare technology trade show in the largest healthcare market (the U.S.) organized by the American Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society for half a century. […]

#2 Korean HealthTech at CES. Maximizing ROI on Event

Targeted Events - Trade Show Marketing Asia to U.S.

Despite many large trade shows being canceled for the rest of the year due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, this gives your company the time to strategize how to make the most of next year’s trade shows, such as CES 2021. We will share the insider view from our experiences promoting Korean companies at CES […]