CEO's Insights 2022

#9 Why a collaboration between two unlikely sources can provide various insights and knowledge to help an organization grow

Two organizations have collaborated to gather scholarly research that can translate into practical solutions to improve both individual and community health. While many may assume that those working in the healthcare industry would rather be independent and not share their work with anyone else, that is not true. Collaborating with other brands and companies is […]

#8 Upgrades the Health Care Industry is making to better prepare for disease outbreaks

Counties such as Los Angeles are taking massive steps to ensure their healthcare technology is prepared for any public health outbreak.  As the whole world witnessed during the Covid-19 outbreak, being automated is a critical factor in being prepared for a situation such as a disease outbreak. In fact, the global healthcare automation market was […]

#7 How to Attract U.S. Investors to your Healthcare Startup Business

Despite the pandemic’s impact, the U.S. healthcare venture investment market exploded in 2021 and 2022. More corporate healthcare investors began expanding their activities to support their strategies and incite innovation among startups. In this blog, you will learn about the key drivers of this growth in recent years, trends in the industry, and priority areas […]

#6 The best way for small and medium-sized businesses to succeed? Digitization.

Digitization is not just for the large corporations, it also leads to major success for the smaller options.  Are you aware that in emerging economies, small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) contribute up to 40% of GDP and create seven out of 10 jobs? While many may assume that massive corporations are the ones controlling commerce […]

#5 Intelligent Automation and how it can improve the healthcare industry

Why issues like Covid-19 have pushed the healthcare industry into automation, and why it has been so beneficial.  Every industry in today’s society has brought in some form of automation. Advancements in technology, simply make everyday life and tasks more manageable. In the healthcare industry, intelligent automation has been found to close care gaps and […]

#4 The Decline of Diabetes Healthcare Providers

As a result of burnout from the global COVID-19 pandemic, among other factors such as retirement, lack of funding, lack of interest, and more, there has been a massive shortage of healthcare workers in the United States, specifically those diabetes doctors such as primary care physicians and endocrinologists.  There is a dire need for more […]

#3 Digitization and its role in the healthcare industry

Without the utilization of digitization, healthcare companies would not survive in a post COVID society Healthcare IT is one of the most competitive industries in the world. In order to stay on top of their competition and maintain their platform, these companies must adapt to digitization. In fact, the total digital health industry funding worldwide […]

#2 Why putting competition aside for collaboration may be the key to growing your organization

Why such a high-stakes decision may be beneficial to any organization in today’s corporate environment Competition is a significant component of any business. There will always be others who have similar products or services that are trying to take over your customer base. However, collaboration has grown significantly in recent years. Having collaboration as a […]

#1 The ‘Clean’ Beauty Trend in US Cosmetics Industry

As a loyal consumer, there is nothing worse than being lied to and tricked. More often than not, consumers put their trust in large cosmetics brands and corporations, claiming their products are “natural.” However, their falsely-branded products are filled with toxins and unhealthy ingredients.  A University of Notre Dame study tested over 230 standard cosmetics […]