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To position your company as a valuable player and a desirable seller/partner in your target markets, you need to create communities where the audiences can receive something of value.

Events, such as meetups, Lunch & Lab, webinars, and other in-person or online group activities are important for community building. The key benefit to the audience is the opportunity to network with peers and learn, in a low-pressure environment, under the auspices of your brand.

You can conduct a series of events in multiple key markets to show momentum and to establish yourself as a highly visible market leader. This tactic is especially important for international companies who otherwise lack a local community or relevance to a U.S. audience.

To launch or expand your brand in the new market, BDMT leverages its event and strategy expertise in creating a community-building event or series of events tailored to each client.

Project Your Brand Leadership with Key Communities

  • Identify all relevant stakeholders
  • Understand audience needs and pain points
  • Select strategic locations
  • Build custom target list
  • Develop and refine the message
  • Organize the event (logistics and audience)
  • Attract relevant speakers, partners, sponsors
  • Develop community-specific content
  • Distribute newsletters with custom content

Sample Results in Building the New Community

Result #1

3 U.S.-Based Community- Building Events in an Annual Series, Led to Store Expansion in Multiple Locations

Result #2

200 Total Attendees

Result #3

50 Speakers and Exhibitors

Result #4

3 Hyper-Targeted Lunch & Lab Events to Include Key Prospect Accounts

Result #5

Lunch & Demo Event at a Local Office to Involve Local Buyers

Positioning your company as the market leader?

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