Community Building

For Creatos by Creators (FCBC)

For Creators By Creators brand was co-founded by BDMT Global and We The People, the world’s only multichannel crowdfunding retail chain and creator support community.  BDMT Global led FCBC and WTP’s business development initiatives, accelerating global expansion and specifically enabling the U.S. market entry along with strategic partnerships.  This photo  was taken during the FCBC NYC event in 2019. Matt Higgins, CEO and Co-Founder at RSE Ventures, was a guest speaker at this event, among other industry leaders.

For Creators By Creators NYC 2019 Community Building Opt

We Help You Become a Known Marketplace Player

To position your company as a valuable player and a desirable seller/partner in your target markets, you need to create communities where the audiences can receive something of value.

Events, such as meetups, Lunch & Lab, webinars, and other in-person or online group activities are important for community building. The key benefit to the audience is the opportunity to network with peers and learn, in a low-pressure environment, under the auspices of your brand.

You can conduct a series of events in multiple key markets to show momentum and to establish yourself as a highly visible market leader. This tactic is especially important for international companies who otherwise lack a local community or relevance to a U.S. audience.

To launch or expand your brand in the new market, BDMT leverages its event and strategy expertise in creating a community-building event or series of events tailored to each client.

Project Your Brand Leadership with Key Communities

  • Identify all relevant stakeholders
  • Understand audience needs and pain points
  • Select strategic locations
  • Build custom target list
  • Develop and refine the message
  • Organize the event (logistics and audience)
  • Attract relevant speakers, partners, sponsors
  • Develop community-specific content
  • Distribute newsletters with custom content

Sample Results in Building the New Community

Result #1: 3 U.S.-Based Community- Building Events in an Annual Series, Led to Store Expansion in Multiple Locations

Result #2: 200 Total Attendees

Result #3: 50 Speakers and Exhibitors

Result #4: 3 Hyper-Targeted Lunch & Lab Events to Include Key Prospect Accounts

Result #5: Lunch & Demo Event at a Local Office to Involve Local Buyers