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Livefunding Service by Crowdfunding Marketing Agency
Crowdfunding Marketing Program & Service provided by BDMT

For new creators in the crowdfunding marketplace, it can be hard to know where to start to promote a campaign and what to do with a limited budget. Marketing and promoting before, during and after a campaign is crucial to maximizing and sustaining potential for success in fundraising and during the commercialization stage.

The amount of critical promotional tasks to juggle involved can be overwhelming, especially for someone new to crowdfunding and to marketing. Creators must master all marketing tactics and deploy them successfully in order to meet and exceed the funding goal.

Did you know that all successful crowdfunding companies are now backed by specialized creative agencies?

Be included in the ecosystem and benefit from the promotional methods that produced results and successful crowdfunding companies beyond meeting the initial funding goal. We assist you in beating your funding goal and launching globally.

Partnering with We The People, BDMT helps creators navigate and flawlessly execute crowdfunding marketing at all stages. Months before a creator’s funding campaign is scheduled to launch, we kick off to understand your product, key market differentiators, and develop a custom recipe and a plan to build your brand.

From PR to social media advertising and management to asset development and beyond, we bring your ideas to market along your entire journey – from raising funds to selling, domestically and globally.

Spotlight on successful crowdfunding creators:

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We Help You Start Selling Faster

  • Identify and validate audience pain points and needs
  • Develop assets and collateral: digital and print
  • PR outreach and media relations to generate buzz and advocacy
  • Build awareness and anticipation with future backers and target audiences
  • Advertise to target user/backer audiences
  • Amplify outreach through social media organic and ads
  • Support live campaign via multi-channel outreach
  • Conduct Livefunding during the campaign in real-time
  • Follow-up post-campaign for continued awareness / demand generation
  • Launch your brand and develop product strategy

Crowdfunding Insights

For Creators By Creators

For Creators By Creators (FCBC) brand was co-founded by BDMT Global and We The People (WTP), the world’s only multichannel crowdfunding retail chain and creator support community. We lead FCBC and WTP’s business development initiatives, accelerating global expansion and specifically enabling the U.S. market entry along with strategic partnerships.

Launched Brand

We created and built “For Creators By Creators” Brand to position and establish “We The People” in the U.S.

Case Study

Accelerate Global Expansion in Competitive Industry

Award Generation

Sourced SABRE Awards for FCBC

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