DAC Global Bridge Series

Cross-industry global convergence has been expedited by COVID-19. With growing support from the Biden Administration, the U.S. continues to deepen ties with the APAC region to fill critical gaps across manufacturing, healthcare, and technology industries.

To best guide international businesses in navigating these rapidly changing global dynamics, Professor Suzy Im at BDMT Global, a global strategist, and business development thought leader with 20+ years of experience, will provide solutions to key problems Korean companies face using deep global trends knowledge, strategic analysis, and insights from interviews of leading US companies and Korean disruptors.

As a part of this DAC Series 2023, Suzy and BDMT will host the DAC Global Bridge Series which is supported by Fortune Korea. This unique business development event will enable cross-industry collaboration opportunities for Korean innovators through meetings with key global industry players. International experts across economy-forming industries, such as manufacturing, technology, and pharmaceuticals, will lead the event series throughout 2023, kicking the series off with the Premiere Healthcare Industry Event in February.

The DAC Series will also offer Pitchfest, a business development opportunity for partnerships for pre-selected Korean innovators with top global industry players, including pitch preparation. Mayo Clinic Laboratories will lead the first DAC Business Growth Pitchfest.


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