Digital Marketing

Increase Your Digital Footprint for Sales Growth

Do all your prospects know about you? Are you influencing their opinions about your industry or letting competitors do that? Are you there when they look for information about existing solutions?

Digital Marketing is the sales function in the digital economy. And, it is a more economical and longer-lasting form of sales than traditional methods driven by a sales rep.

Over 76% of B2B deals go to the vendor that the buyers were familiar with before they started the sales cycle. Digital presence, content, and outreach will drive prospects to the vendors when they are finally ready to buy.

We increase your digital footprint through online presence and outreach. We create more opportunities for your prospects and industry influencers to find you, to develop trust in your leadership, to become fans of your company and your products.  Digital Marketing is at the core of our execution expertise.

Gain respect among peers and analysts by impressing your industry ecosystem. Target and speak to each prospect personally.

Our team will advise and execute the following steps to raise your digital marketing effectiveness:

  • Gap analysis of your digital presence vs competition
  • Devise an actionable plan to create and place new assets in strategic locations
  • Create best-in-class thoughtful and valuable content
  • Execute your digital footprint expansion on all channels that matter
  • Outreach via digital campaigns to fit any budget
  • Design and implement targeted campaigns (using ABM and Personalization)

Result #1: Conducted comprehensive Digital Footprint Audit across all owned and third-party properties to uncover deficiencies and close the gaps with high-quality content

Result #2: Executed paid advertising campaigns at a higher CTR and at a lower Cost per Lead (e.g. 12% and 33% respectively for a startup in a competitive industry)

Result #3: Designed and executed highly personalized ABM outreach campaigns (e.g. Avg. 52% Email Open Rates, 52% CTR on LinkedIn InMail, 4.3% CTR on Google Search Ads, etc.)