Digital Transformation Failure Protection

Digital Transformation for most industries is happening globally. Your company is probably in the middle of one now or is planning to launch it soon.

You built a successful company and feel great pride in it. At some point you decided that in order to progress further, it needs to be more competitive globally. To transform the business requires a very different set of skills and expertise than to build it, so utilize an unbiased, independent stakeholder.

Do you know that successful transformations are rare: they only succeed in bringing business value in 23% of completed projects? And 70% of the initiatives fail altogether?

Be advised by an independent third party expert team who works for you and whose only objective is your success without any hidden agenda.

We will help you throughout the most critical time in your company’s life. Add transformation talent to your top leadership team. Add the missing skills through our Center of Excellence.

Beat The Odds Stacked Against You

  • Develop game-changing vision and goals
  • Set a realistic roadmap
  • Ensure adequate resources
  • Design and enforce clear process governance
  • Train and inform employees
  • Track & analyze results
  • Ascertain progress and impact
  • Course correct and reiterate

Sample Digital Transformation Results

Result #1

Defined the end-to-end vision and end-state in 3-months of evaluation research

Result #2

Pinpointed key obstacles and missing roadmap elements

Result #3

Educated the workforce of the most effected teams on the Innovator’s Dilemma

Result #4

Transformed product launch and management engine of a $300MM company

Ready to start Digital Transformation or had a bad experience attempting it?

We can help by evaluating your Vision in a 1-hr seminar