Distributor Relations

Start Selling Before You Can Hire a Single Sales Rep

For most B2B manufacturing companies, distributors are key players in generating sales to end users. However, the approach of “cold” outreach to request a meeting is largely ineffective. To secure a reputable and effective distributor, you must first educate distributors about your company’s offerings, your solution’s superiority and sales potential.

BDMT Global develops and implements targeted distributor outreach, establishes connections and relations, and assists in negotiations for our manufacturing clients.

We create a custom distributor strategy that can target distributors for 1:1 meetings around local events, or nationally, through digital channels and ABM email outreach.

Distributor Relations

How We Help You Start Selling Faster

  • Develop and refine messaging
  • Build ABM and Cold Calling 2.0 campaign
  • Organize 1:1 trainings and meetings with you
  • Coach and assist in transfer pricing and other negotiations
  • Develop and implement an outreach strategy
  • Collect customer testimonials and quotes
  • Generate proof of the need and desire for your product
  • Build national and local distributor lists

Sample Results in Generating Distributor Pipeline

Result #1: Secured multiple distributors requesting product for a test and applied for Master distributor opportunity

Result #2: Distributor with 20 years of experience and $10+ million in revenue requesting meeting at a major trade show

Result #3: 4 regional distributors identified to be ready to discuss MSA and Partnership Terms