Increase Revenue and Profits from Online Business

Not happy with your eCommerce results? Getting ready to launch a new store? Not meeting industry benchmarks on conversion rate and repeat buyer purchases?

Chances are your eCommerce website or third party stores need significant improvement of buyer experience and functional optimization.

We offer comprehensive eCommerce services and solutions including strategy, website design, development, integration and post-launch optimization on your own website or in third party stores (Amazon, eBay, Target, Walmart, etc). We conduct audits of the existing setup and buying journey to pinpoint key friction points and conversion-hurting drop-off opportunities.

BDMT Global draws on the international client base to bring you the best practices from around the world and ensure your 24/7 global salespersons are as efficient as they can be in converting visitors into buying customers.

Whether you have a single product or multiple product lines, selling direct or via third party like Amazon, eBay, etc. – we will audit your configuration, demonstrate, and correct the deficiencies that are diminishing your results.

We enable your team’s success with the following eCommerce improvement program:

  • Inventory of weaknesses on your eCommerce channels
  • Channel-specific best practices and know-how from our channel experts  
  • Specific step-by-step instructions of how to upgrade each channel results 
  • Benchmarking and comparison of your setup and results to your key competitors
  • Develop the hierarchy and strategy for your new website or your website upgrade
  • Design the new website to be a functional standout 
  • Develop a cost-conscious and high-quality new website/new store
  • Launch and integrate with payments, analytics, marketing automation, etc

Sample Results from eCommerce Projects

Result #1: 556% increase in shop visits and 145% increase in eCommerce revenue for a jewelry business

Result #2: 76% increase in eCommerce revenue and 157% increase of PPC-driven revenue for a consumer goods company

Result #3: 3.6 ROAS on Amazon for a consumer discretionary business (Jan-March 2020)