Emergency Accelerator Program Announcement

BDMT Global Launches Award Winning 2021 Emergency Sales Accelerator Program For International Business Expansion

Expert D2C Based Strategies for Curbing Pandemic-Based Challenges Shared Following Success of Global Webinar Featuring Executives from 10 Different Countries

BOSTON, Dec. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — BDMT Global (BD – Business Development MT – Marketing Transformation) has officially launched their 2021 Emergency Sales Accelerator. This omnichannel D2C+ (direct to consumer) formula is an innovative program developed by BDMT Global for B2B and B2C based businesses to expand in the US. BDMT’s program was granted two awards previously this year for their client successes amidst the pandemic. Companies interested in learning more can click here to register or request a 1:1 meeting with BDMT’s leadership team.

“Operating with a D2C formula provides companies with more freedom than that of traditional business models,” Managing Partner for BDMT Global, Suzy Im, explained when asked about the benefits of D2C.  “BDMT Global utilizes creativity and industry specific knowledge to assist clients in mastering data analysis to optimize conversions, reaching buyers that they didn’t even know existed, and driving a higher return on marketing and sales investments without in-person trade shows, among other benefits.”

“We just hosted our first global webinar to share details about our sales accelerator, which is based on BDMT’s COVID-ready B2B funnel building expertise.  The outcome was overwhelming as the majority of these global companies expressed that they felt stuck with their sales pipeline without in-person trade shows and that their goals were becoming impossible to meet,” Suzy stated when asked about the program.

“Over 100 executives working for B2B and B2C companies from 10 countries (including Korea and Canada), within a wide variety of industries (such as technology and healthcare) attended,” Suzy continued. “We have always advocated against relying on trade shows for cold calling equivalents. The best practice for us was always to use them as backdrop. Even before COVID, clients have been inefficiently using this high-cost channel. BDMT is focused on helping companies with global business growth in more efficient, lower cost ways.”

BDMT Global clients (B2C and B2B alike) have always been limited by a sparse, local US presence and limited market expansion resources. By regularly implementing high-touch digital business development (HT-DBD) programs for international clients, BDMT replaced the need for expensive trade show investments even before COVID-19 disrupted the model. Since BDMT Global’s formation, their services have included adapting D2C approaches for B2B with a partial or significant portion of the buyer’s journey enabled online, combined with targeted events and influencer relations. For B2C, in addition, BDMT creates an online distribution channel.

The 2021 Emergency Accelerator Program is particularly suitable for international companies, new market entrants, new product launches, sudden market shifts and disruptions, expansion into new audiences or new segments, and businesses with limited paid media budgets. To learn more about BDMT Global’s award-winning program click here.

ABOUT BDMT Global & TribalVision Worldwide

Headquartered in Boston, BDMT Global is led by a group of award-winning experts focusing on specific industries such as life sciences, healthcare, wellness, medical devices, technology, manufacturing, crowdfunding, and entrepreneurship.  BDMT Global, an international division of TribalVision Worldwide (an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company), is an outsourced business growth and marketing execution team offering strategic go-to-market, business development, and marketing services for international companies trying to break into the U.S. market and other parts of the world.  Suzy is an internationally recognized name in global marketing and has been featured in publications such as Fortune Magazine. Learn more at https://bdmtglobal.com/.


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