Are you ready with the right business model and process that fits with the post pandemic era?

The Most Effective Global Expansion Program by BDMT Global’s Award Winning

Emergency Accelerator Program for New Normal

Be part of our award winning Emergency Accelerator Program.

BDMT Global, an international outsourced business development (BD) and marketing transformation (MT) provider, can help meet your 2021-2022 goals with the proven Emergency Accelerator Program. Companies that used trade shows as an engine now need to develop new methods of reaching the US, and that process involves reforming business development and implementing marketing transformation strategies. Executing these strategies is difficult for many companies, so an outsourced business development and marketing transformation team is essential.

All-Inclusive Service for Market Expansion

What is the main reason for an unsuccessful market launch?

For over 25 years, BDMT Global leaders have been working with international companies entering the US market and other parts of the world globally. We helped many successful entries and have also seen entries that did not go well. Why did some succeed and others fail? 

There are usually different reasons, like little knowledge about distribution, not having a local presence to execute continuous business development, a desire to sell quickly without creating demand, or having a strong reference within the market, especially when expanding to new industries. The list of key reasons can be long.

However, the one commonality between them is that they do not effectively align their sales and marketing strategies, and do not combine them to work as one synchronized, locally adapted execution engine.

How can you enter a new market without being a local company and meet the goals faster?

Working with BDMT Global immediately turns on an all-inclusive strategy and execution engine with expert marketing, business development and sales talent, and optimized multi-channel outreach programs to win big accounts.

We follow up on all leads and help you close business.

Click here if you are interested in participating in <Emergency Accelerator Program> for global market expansion. If you are interested in having 1:1 with Suzy Im (Managing Partner, BDMT Global/Former SVP, TribalVision Worldwide) please directly email to

BDMT Global offers an Accelerator for Market Expansion Service

A fully autonomous end-to-end customer journey with complete business development, marketing, and sales support.

BDMT Global can act as a business development manager with an intense sales engine for companies with specific needs for targeted industries during the initial market entry or nurturing effort. Whatever the goals or products and services are, we offer an instant, intense team of business development managers, marketing managers, and a full marketing team who can work to close the deals for your company. An all-in-one service that is custom-built for your target markets. Our goal is to provide companies with innovative solutions to expand their business to the US market.

We can also work as your experienced onsite business development manager combined with expertise in marketing transformation multi-channel optimization capabilities to offer key services to your existing team. If you need the full team on a more ongoing, click here for more details to inquire about full BDMT Global services.

Ready to enter the new markets? Stop paying for leads – start generating sales.

Before you invest in the bigger local team– build an effective sales engine. Contact our leadership team below to learn more about the EAP.

BDMT is a Gold Stevie Award Winner
Silver Stevie Award
Best in Biz Bronze Award 2020
2021 Emergency Sales Accelerator for Asian and Korean Companies

Why Our Team?

BDMT Global is an international company offering outsourced growth services to B2B and B2C globally.

Our experience in designing and building custom events from trade show-based to small targeted sales events and pipeline building meetings. Our proven Event+ methodology will surely maximize your event-centric lead generation efforts, augmenting them with an omnichannel marketing mix to result in a successful outcome. We will share what worked with our international clients and how to make it a great success for your business.


COVID-Ready BDMT Global B2B Funnel Building Expertise

With COVID, we modified our offerings and were able to assist at several high-profile events and market launches and were awarded not one, but two American Business Association Stevie Awards (dubbed “Oscars for Business”) for innovative approaches to solving business development challenges and helping businesses achieve their sales goals during global pandemic.