Do you have the most amazing idea and the initial market traction is very positive? Time to establish your brand value with the strong Public Relations program and ramp up eCommerce. Can you do it now with the team you have in a cost-effective way? You’ve probably realized that you need a  diverse team with skills that go beyond your founders’ competencies to gain meaningful sales and market share. 

Let’s say you are an established entrepreneur in your country, or run a profitable e-commerce business and want to sell globally. You would need someone who understands the US market and other parts of the world, and can offer the most effective and strategically unique ways to expand with a high success rate. Who would you partner with to expand your presence and what can you do to build the trust around your brand?  

Are you ready to invest in understanding the US market and other parts of the world and into building a community to support your business? Do you know how to outsmart competitors with immense budgets?

Experienced strategists and hands-on experts from BDMT Global will set your innovative brand on the success path and enable your market expansion. If you have marketing staff, we will fill in the missing gaps.

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Read how other entrepreneurs have benefited from our expertise in strategy-to-execution, GTM planning, multi-channel campaigns, digital marketing, eCommerce, leading to improvements in market awareness and new leads.

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