End-to-End Support: Strategy to Tactics

Plan, Strategize & Implement for Meaningful Results

If you’ve invented the product, built the business, and stepped outside your familiar region, the intimidating scope of work and a staggering number of projects you need to complete are now your reality.

Planning your expansion strategy and executing it requires a significant investment of time and a variety of skills. Wouldn’t you prefer independent, unbiased advice that considers all your strengths and weaknesses while proposing and executing an optimal plan?

Need help from senior executives who will actually pursue your best interests?

Our experienced strategy experts will help you reach maximum growth velocity within a minimal amount of time. You will benefit from deep strategic know-how of what works and what doesn’t work from our senior leaders, as well as personalized strategies and execution.

You can expect to receive the following services from BDMT:

  • Deep analysis of your strengths and weaknesses – S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)
  • Analysis and predictions of the likely next steps of your competitors
  • Multiple options of growth strategy based on your unique situation
  • Customized Growth plan
  • Step-by-step Execution plan
  • An experienced team to implement your vision and your decisions

Sample Results from Executive Strategy-to-Execution

Result #1: Redesigned North American sales organization to achieve optimal accountability

Result #2: Completed deep internal and external forces analysis to inform Annual Planning strategy

Result #3: Completed a full cycle of strategy, planning and execution for a niche small business to grow into the leading industry provider