GTM Planning

Do you feel like you are facing many potential growth opportunities and are unsure which path will bring you the closest to your goals in the shortest amount of time during your global expansion effort? Are you entering a new market or other countries and would like to make fewer mistakes and lower the cost of market entry?

Hire BDMT Global to help with identifying and evaluating all options in your business development and product organizations. Our experienced senior executives have corporate planning and implementation experience and, together, we will develop innovative actionable short-term and long-term strategies that will stand the test of real challenges.

Global growth implementation is in our DNA: BDMT Global develops implementation plans and detailed roadmaps for the initiatives we recommend. We get to know your organization and your own roadmaps really well and thus incorporate your resources and budgets into a comprehensive single-source plan and step-by-step activities outlined for 30-60-90+ days, planned monthly, weekly, or daily, as needed.

Working with BDMT Global on your custom GTM planning project will result in:

  • Evaluation of all growth options
  • Development of a real-life strategy
  • Implementation plan & budget
  • Detailed step-by-step roadmap

You can implement the GTM plan with in-house staff, with the help of our outsourced business development and marketing department, or as a collaboration between the internal team and our experts.