Health & Wellness

Health, wellness and beauty is arguably the most oversaturated industry in the world. Traditionally dominating brands are yielding to independent, clean and non-toxic products, who in turn, are being challenged by emerging beauty tech based on AI/VR.

Everything in your industry is changing constantly: consumer behaviors, products, players, technologies. A new brand launches every day! On the other hand, it’s one of the recession-proof industries, with sales rising in most product categories, especially during the global COVID-19 crisis, supported by healthy margins and cyclical purchasing.

Has your brand differentiated itself sufficiently to stand out or is it lost in the noise? Do you have the right influencers on your side? Have you managed cost-efficient D2C communication and eCommerce? Is selling through Amazon is giving you a headache?

Have you hit any or all of these challenges and are ready to fight back? We assist new and established brands with overcoming these obstacles that push weaker companies to fold.

US Healthcare is complicated. Being the most informed about the market can put you over the top.

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