Industry Events Under New Normal

BDMT Global has award-winning expertise in organizing virtual online sales events, trade shows, and small private events, as well as in content development and multi-channel outreach.

Has your business development been disrupted by cancelled trade shows? You can’t meet prospects face-to-face during the COVID-19 crisis, however, the frequency and volume of online connections, content consumption, and online events have all increased and are higher than ever.

Is your business development, sales and marketing team benefiting from the new types of connections? Have you shortened your sales cycle with all the money you are saving?

Now that you have an unused trade show budget at your disposal plus travel expenses that you don’t have to pay for, you must use this one-time windfall in smart ways. Replace the leads you typically would meet at trade shows with attendees from your virtual events and invest in coordinated, multi-channel outreach and high-quality content placed in strategic publications for your prospects to find you.

Can your team execute all these strategies and do it right the first time? They probably need help.

We have worked with clients in the following industries: life sciences, medical devices, health & wellness, technology, manufacturing, crowdfunding and entrepreneurship to help them replace trade shows.