Influencer Relations (IR)

Attract Strong Industry Voices to Speak for You

For international companies, entering into the U.S. market is extremely difficult without any references. This is especially true in the healthcare industry, as the unique regulations and processes make the U.S. healthcare market extremely difficult to navigate.

Therefore, international manufacturers in complex industries like medical devices need to get advice from market experts. For example, doctors who understand the insurance and patient treatment side to work with local users with the objective to build products and services meeting all local needs.

We help you build awareness with the key local influencers and groom them to be advocates of your brand. This way, a new market entrant starts building up a market presence supported by a strong ally and endorser.

We also research and apply for local and global industry awards to raise your visibility and standing in the market and give your company recognition that will surely be noticed by your prospects.

BDMT has developed relationships with a number of influencers that can be leveraged as a starting point. Through these practitioners, BDMT helps clients develop case studies/use cases for market validation, get firsthand user feedback on offerings, and build awareness on local markets through word of mouth.

We Connect You with Key Industry Opinion Leaders

  • Identify most influential practitioners and key industry players
  • Approach key opinion leaders and industry veterans to become product evangelists
  • Gather pricing quotes and estimates, if applicable
  • Define scope of work and draw the agreement with paid influencers
  • Solicit feedback and provide updates regularly
  • Follow-up and educate continuously
  • Research and apply for industry awards

Sample Results from Influencer Outreach Programs

Result #1: Key feedback on device and needed improvements

Result #2: Identification of multiple segments to target for future sales

Result #3: Client device showcased across multiple market segments to interested prospects

Result #4: Spokesperson to speak on behalf of product features, uses and benefits

Result #5: Case study and clinical trial potential