Lead Generation & Sales

Fill Your Pipeline and Enable Your Sales Efforts

Is your sales organization meeting and exceeding its revenue goals? If not, they probably need help with building a bigger pipeline and/or upgrading skills for the new economy.

Lead generation on demand by BDMT Global will supply your team with interested prospects without the hassle of building and managing a dedicated business development function.

We help reignite your sales engine by filling it up with leads thanks to our time-tested demand generation process and multi-channel campaign expertise. We give your sales team all the support and enablement services they deserve to meet challenging revenue goals in the new and competitive markets.

Let us take a look at your demand generation and sales conversion process and find what prevents your team from maximizing revenue and profits. Our experts in sales and marketing operations will design a custom optimal process, based on your individual needs.

We can also add more leads to the pipeline and give you more conversion opportunities.

We will enable your team’s success with the following support:

  • Wide outreach to probe for new segments and audiences
  • ABM multi-channel campaigns focusing on select targets
  • Leads for all stages of your pipeline
  • Audit of your sales organization needs and skills
  • Custom recommendation and curriculum to bring reps to the higher level of productivity
  • Training options, recommendations and implementation
  • Digital skills upgrade and sales process setup for the new digital economy
  • Selection and advisory on most suitable sales tools, sales intelligence, CRM, etc.

Sample Results from Lead Generation & Sales Support

Result #1: Supplied 30 weekly leads to the sales organization in a competitive market for a year

Result #2: Completed an end-to-end sales organization audit, advised on organizational structure, expertise gap mitigation, and shifted go-to-market strategy, as a result

Result #3: Designed and launched a multi-channel lead generation campaign resulting in a stable sales pipeline, at the cost below industry average