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BDMT Global wins the TITAN Business Gold Entrepreneur Award for biotechnology in May 2022

If you are a pharmaceutical company looking to license out or license in, you must make sure you are efficient with your business development effort with strong technology-based sales/marketing know-how.  Are you communicating with the various stakeholders?

Are you educating the right target audiences from industry leaders, doctors, patients, influencers, etc. to be able to convince them about your direction and impact? Is your business development not meeting your goals fast enough? Do you wonder how others in life science transform and scale high growth more quickly? Sending out 400 emails per week to expand your search for your buyers or partners won’t take you too far or too fast in this complicated industry.

As a leader of business development industry service providers to companies around the world, BDMT Global is dedicated to work with advanced life science companies globally by providing specific business development services to meet your goals no matter what stage you are in. 

Life science business development managers often rely on a more traditional approach rather than leveraging the most advanced modern technology-based marketing support. This causes delays or inefficiencies in meeting their goals or expanding fast enough to scout the right partners or securing opportunities to license in or out. 

Life science business development takes much more specific industry experience as well as science-based knowledge to be able to effectively communicate. But it should not stop there. In the modern technology world, it is hard to expand fast enough and create a scientific impact if you don’t know how to leverage them because your competitors are expanding quickly and that it is hard to expand quickly.

It is time for you to really understand how and what works best in the life sciences industry by combining Business Development (BD) with MT (Marketing Transformation). 

We can provide “End-to-End” Business Development services, from Scouting through Integration, or any individual part that you might need.  While we are capable of “full service”, we are also happy to provide any of the above pieces individually.

End-to-End Services for Licensing Business

BDMT BD (business development) advisors are a group of senior level consultants who have worked with leading biotech and pharmaceutical companies and start-ups leading critical tasks such as drug development,  deal transaction, post-deal integration, etc. SSAG works with the marketing transformation specialists to meet various goals by maximizing the business opportunities for our clients. 

Using our extensive industry contacts, we can discuss your targeted needs, be it a product (in or out) or a company.  Our network extends to both strategic sources (most focused in the bio-pharma area) as well as financial (Investment Banking, PE, and VC).   Once given direction on your goals, we are able to perform an extensive search to either find the right partner(s) for your asset, or to find the type of asset you are seeking.  We have worked in areas from technology platforms, early stage (PCC) products, to company acquisitions.  Also notable, our network is global, covering both developed markets and emerging markets.  We are glad to put our network to work for you!

We have extensive experience in complex valuations, from patient based product valuation, to company-level DCFs.  When needed, we support our models with expert managed market research to validate key assumptions.  Our analytics have been validated by top-tier Investment Banks, PE firms, and well know Bio-pharma companies.  Our personnel have done deals that were written up in The Wall Street Journal.   In addition, we have broad therapeutic area expertise, so our analysis is not just hypothetical, but based on personal market knowledge.

If requested, we can either assist with negotiations (from Term Sheets through Asset Purchase Agreements), or run them on your behalf.  Our team has negotiated all types of deals, from a simple technology license to company acquisitions.  No deal is too small – or too large!  We’ve handled both buy-side and sell-side deals, divestitures, and of course, global deals.

We can either work with your legal counsel, or help connect you with a firm that specializes in the area in which you are interested.

While people often focus on the appeal of the negotiations, deals are usually made or broken during the diligence phase.   Properly run diligence can change the value of the deal, or change the decision on whether to proceed.  

On the sell side, we can help prepare and manage data rooms, and coordinate with buyers and their requests.  On the buy side, we can manage the diligence process, and access subject matter experts if needed to supplement internal expertise.

It’s not just about getting a deal done, it’s about getting the right deal done!

While everyone likes to celebrate “The Signing”, not everyone realizes that the work has just begun.  How will the asset transfer and be integrated into the buyer’s portfolio?   Who will need to be involved in the transfer?  Will there be a Transition Services Agreement?  Who will manage that?  Fortunately we’ve developed these plans and can either create them and give them to you, or even supply people to manage the process after it has been developed.

Extended Services

  • Establish BD Strategy in Alignment with Corporate Goals
  • Develop and Present Partnering/Investor Presentations
  • Competitive Benchmarking & Differentiation
  • Engage Potential Partners/Investors
  • Analyze Deal Parameters
  • Lead/Participate in Diligence Discussions
  • TPP Development, Testing and Validation
  • Indication/Portfolio Prioritization
  • Primary/Secondary Market/Landscape research + Analysis
  • KOL ID, Profiling, Engagement Plans
  • Messaging/positioning
  • Forecasting
  • Medical Meeting Plans
  • Advisory Boards
  • Strategy, Market Analysis and Segmentation
  • Vendor Selection and Management
  • Patient Research and Engagement
  • Brand Planning
  • Product Positioning
  • Market Access
  • Distribution Channels
  • Conference Planning
  • Organization Planning

Overall Services from Local US Bio Team at BDMT Global