Market Expansion

Increase Sales – Faster and at a Higher Price Point

You have a great product and have ambitious plans to grow in non-Asian markets. Maybe you discovered that you are not growing as fast as your competitors and are confident that you can do better.

When you came to the U.S. or Canada, you discovered that these markets were big but very competitive. You already know that the rules of engagement are very different from your familiar geographies, the market landscape is treacherous, and the opportunities to fail are numerous.

Our industry veterans will share with you their extensive strategy knowledge and will recommend multiple ways for you to unlock market growth, faster selling cycles, and higher margins, given your unique situation.

What are the factors preventing you from achieving your maximum potential? How can you get a bigger market share?


With our help, you should expect to receive the following:

  • Diagnostics of your market, product, and environment
  • Strategic options to choose from based on your industry trends and product adoption
  • Custom solution that considers your limited resources and skillset
  • Budget-friendly expansion strategies for startups
  • Complex strategies to grow established businesses
  • New products, segments, markets, product use cases, pricing solutions, etc.

Sample Results from Market Expansion

Result #1 Analyzed potential markets and uncovered new segments for a startup

Result #2: Discovered the deficiency and educated a market leader on proper product marketing and product management functions

Result #3: Prioritized the most optimal expansion option for a startup (among 3) due to budget constraints