Healthcare in the US is very complex. Global health crisis pushed medical devices, especially prevention and wellness devices used in home health care to record-selling volumes. Are you benefiting from this trend and receiving the unexpected bounty of the market? Do you have a strong team of expertise launching or expanding a product in a new market, especially in the digital marketplace to meet the new normal? Where would you start to find the right distributors who would be interested in adding your device to expand their portfolios?  How would you make sure your product lands in their hands? 

Disruption of trade show-based selling is making it hard to launch in traditional ways—your business needs top-notch expertise in virtual launch and online selling to adjust to the changes due to the COVID-19 crisis. We help medical device companies with a strong Go-to-Market (GTM) plan in place, along with a speedy way to meet the modern buyers by driving the market demand strategically with a deep understanding of the US healthcare system and medical market. 

BDMT Global Medical Device Clients Success Stories

Learn how other medical device companies have leveraged our expertise in BD (business development) and marketing to enter new markets, including finding local distribution partners to rise above noisy competition into their market niche leadership position.

Launching a Diagnostics Device in Competitive US Market

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