BDMT Global provides various programs and services as below so that companies struggling to expand the North American market with limited resources can obtain BD (Business Development) & Marketing resources and information in an easier way.

Companies that want to turn the pandemic crisis into an opportunity in a new virtual environment can easily apply for part-time services as needed or use a variety of local services to meet their needs through a membership package. Through this, companies looking to launch/ expand in the North American market in a more effective way, can access the BDMT service more easily.

Target: Companies seeking to expand the North American market based on limited resources, or companies requiring short-term strategic advice for launching new products or conducting staged campaigns, especially:

  • Strategy building
  • Market research by industry
  • Securing insights through trends and examples by various paid industries
  • Acquisition of know-how of BD (Business Development) or MT (Marketing Transformation) in North America
  • Companies/entrepreneurs in urgent need of auditing for corporate BD or MT improvement

BDMT Global Membership Package

The membership package is a service that equips you with the new tools and processes that are required in the new normal era at an affordable price.