Multi Channel Planning

Annual or Quarterly Planning Assistance

You have many great ideas in mind for the upcoming reporting period or a major initiative and need experienced analytical planners who can lay out your vision step-by-step and make it into an actionable plan for your team and third party resources who will be assisting you.

We outline a plan to visualize and operationalize your vision and help you make it into a comprehensive document that your operations and project managers will love.

Planning events and campaigns can be challenging and it’s easy to miss critical steps and relations between steps for your otherwise successful plan to go through.

We Help You Keep It Organized

  • Learn your objectives
  • Map out key initiatives and dependencies
  • Flesh out execution-level steps
  • Assign all key stakeholders
  • Review your existing project plan
  • Recommend plan improvements

Our expertise in marketing will help identify potentially overlooked channels and opportunities to reach your objectives faster and at a lower cost.