New Market Launch

Your Trusted Market Acquisition Partner

Exploring new market entry opportunities can be intimidating, costly, and uncertain. Searching for and hiring VPs as well as execution teams can take up to a year or more and you may still have to wait an additional 6-12 months before you start to see results.

Hiring an outsourced market launch expert experienced in both markets–yours and the U.S. market–can significantly accelerate the launch, at a fraction of the cost.

Our new Market Launch program is an effective and accountable alternative to this traditionally costly launch process. In the face of great uncertainty, it can bring you results starting virtually immediately at a lower cost than hiring your own team.

Global marketing agency serving Korean and Asian market expansion

BDMT Global has helped multiple brands land a leading place in the U.S. markets and globally with the help of a comprehensive analysis, opportunity assessment, and go-to-market plan using our established execution engine. You should expect to see the first deliverables within three months.

Here are the Steps to Launch Your Brand in the U.S.

  • Determine your key priorities and objectives for the launch
  • Strategize market entry options and pick the optimal path
  • Test and refine brand positioning and messaging
  • Design bespoke launch plan and budget
  • Strategize, write, and publish content
  • Leverage third parties and multiple channels for awareness and lead generation

Sample Results from New Market Launch Programs

Result #1: Moved an unknown brand to the top global position for the novelty component market

Result #2: Propelled a new entrant to the top place of the U.S. retail segment

Result #3: Established a U.S.-based brand to promote an overseas startup