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In the B2B world, lead generation went 100% virtual due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. It led to a great deal of anxiety around disruption in pipeline building caused by a major gap in meeting prospects face-to-face. For most B2B companies, attending trade shows and meeting prospects for executive breakfasts and other events was essential to generating revenue.

According to Zoominfo, in 2018, 41% of companies considered events to be the top lead generating channel for their businesses, aimed at increasing event funding in 2019 and beyond.

Fast forward to 2020. Global pandemic. Trade shows canceled.

Webinars flood the digital space to make up for the lost events, yet, they fail to deliver what’s essential – real-time face-to-face interactions, meetings with multiple people, moving freely from booth to booth to reignite old acquaintances and make new connections.

And this is where a Virtual Live Sales Event takes the prize. Literally.

Our Award-Winning Sales Event

The Virtual Live Sales Event connected numerous entrepreneurs from Asia, Europe, and North America to each other and to an entire entrepreneurial ecosystem: media, associations, leading global brands, and trading platforms. The event agenda and structure is quite similar to live trade shows and continues building your pipeline like a real trade show would, complete with pre-show and post-show activities for leads.

Learn how we help our clients. We share our award-winning expertise in combining virtual sales events with multi-channel optimization.

It will help you survive during COVID-19 and thrive after.

Our experience in designing and building custom events from trade show-based to small targeted sales events and pipeline building meetings. Our Event+ methodology will surely maximize your event-centric lead generation efforts, augmenting them with an omnichannel marketing mix to result in a successful outcome. We will share what worked with our international clients and how to make it a great success for your business.

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