Public Relations (PR)

Strengthen Your Sales Strategy with PR

Depending on the industry, the press can be a key influence and a crucial partner in building your brand in the new market. We design and deploy a PR program to create a bridge between you and local audiences, creating result-based and obvious relevance to your prospects.

PR influences the buying process, yet traditionally companies just push out a press release as a stand-alone tactic. Our PR program is different because we understand the challenges of international companies with no significant presence in the U.S. and it’s not just about promotion.

Our PR program consists of constant education through media and industry players about your new market entry or launching of a new offering. It includes developing key messages for each market and segment, creating & publishing thought leadership assets (such as byline articles or whitepapers), finding and securing media interviews, speaking & presenting opportunities, etc.

BDMT’s PR experts develop custom PR programs for clients across industries, whether in medical, innovation, manufacturing, or others. These PR programs help companies promote their brand names both locally and internationally, identify and submit for industry-based awards, and also demonstrate our clients’ thought leadership through contributed article opportunities we secure and help write.

We Offer the Following Key Activities in a Successful PR Program

  • Identify key relevant media outlets
  • Develop and refine key messaging
  • Strategize, write, and publish press releases
  • Leverage press releases for media outreach and meeting requests

Samples Results from PR Programs

  • Secure visibility opportunities for speakership, panel leadership
  • Research and apply for industry awards
  • Research and secure media interviews
  • Train and prep you for media Interviews
  • Recap and debrief after a media interview

Result #1: 5 Contributed Articles at Key U.S. and Global Publications

Result #2: Local Event Press Release Audience of 80MM

Result #3: Secured a Regular Contribution Engagement in the IoT Agenda Column at Tech Target

Result #4: Secured Major Industry Awards

Result #5: Client covered in The Verge, NPR Affiliates, TechTarget publications, among others