Virtual Live Sales Events

Boost or Replace Costly Trade Show Booth Investment

When making an investment for a trade show booth and travel expenses, you are already traveling to the U.S. and investing heavily into brand awareness. If you are exhibiting at an event of potential buyers and partners, it is hard to chase them at the trade show one by one, scheduling 1:1 meetings they have not asked for and are not ready for.

Accelerate your sales cycle and meet with key prospects and influencers at a relevant trade show.

Save your money on an expensive trade booth and work with us to execute more effective marketing tactics at a lower cost. Instead of spending $10,000+ on a booth, your company can instead spend $2,000-$3,000 on basic logistics such as a meeting room, food and A/V technology depending on the location and meet all the right prospects and influencers.

Whether an addition to a booth or an alternative to the booth, private events such as seminars, round tables, Lunch & Labs, and featured industry expert presentations will engage your target audience that’s already present at the event location!

Targeted Events - Trade Show Marketing Asia to U.S.

Outsource Event Management Steps to Use

  • Target identification and list building
  • Outreach message development and refinement
  • Creating a compelling event program i.e. speakers, content, agenda
  • Build event invite and landing pages
  • Venue research and booking
  • Catering research and booking
  • Personalized LinkedIn and email outreach to key targets
  • Lead follow-up and nurturing
  • Local event-specific digital advertising (Google Ads, LinkedIn, Facebook)
  • Social media postings
  • Press release and influencer outreach
  • Lunch & Lab presentation development and message refinement
  • Follow up to secure attendees
  • Lead nurturing after the event