Trade Show +

Select The Right Trade Shows and Maximize Their ROI

International companies invest tens of thousands of dollars into exhibit booths, travel expenses, staff, brochures, and displays. However, when used alone, this tactic is not very effective by itself. And the highest attendance expos may not yield the best ROI.

We treat Trade Show + as a multi-channel marketing strategy to create a differentiated experience for your prospects and audience of interest. We help you with selection, preparation, execution, and real-time support.

Trade show selection involves analyzing the options based on relevance (proportion of key target audiences that will attend), number of exhibitors, location, and other factors, not just the show size.

In order to maximize the ROI, treat the trade show strategy like a multi-channel marketing campaign, preparing your prospects for meeting with you, ensuring they are not just top-of-the-funnel leads by the time they meet with you, but have progressed down the funnel.

Practical Ways to Increase Trade Show ROI

  • Identify major and specialty trade shows
  • Recommend the best trade shows and build an annual plan
  • Develop messaging for key targets at the trade show
  • Booth handout collateral development
  • Build digital advertising campaigns
  • Trade show landing page
  • Build ABM email campaign for pre-show outreach
  • Publish press release and media outreach
  • Assist in trade show planning, setup, display
  • White Glove AT-Event Concierge
  • Leads scouting while at the trade show
  • Live support and social media postings during show
  • Post-show follow-up with attendees and key leads

Sample Trade Show+ Program Results

Result #1

4,000 Target Audience Practitioners

Result #2

Our Client, the Only Category Representative at the Trade Show

Result #3

180 Leads from U.S.-Based Trade Shows

Result #4

3 Distributor Inquiries from a Trade Show

Result #5

2 Days + 10 Meetings In-Person At-Event White Glove Concierge Service

Result #6

Sold ~20 units at the Trade Show

Exclusive focus: Our client was the only device manufacturer from the ultrasound category at a show attended by almost 4,000 target audience practitioners.

Looking to Maximize Your Event Budget Return?

Share your annual Trade Show plan with us and we will find one event you can easily skip and save