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Building Blocks for Business Growth

In the COVID-19 Economy

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Building Blocks for Business Growth Webinars

Are you using pandemic downtime wisely? Are you training your team to best position you for the post-COVID-19 market?

Learn how we help our clients. We share our award-winning expertise in combining virtual sales events with multi-channel optimization.

It will help you survive during COVID-19 and thrive after.

Our experience in designing and building custom events from trade show-based to small targeted sales events and pipeline building meetings. Our Event+ methodology will surely maximize your event-centric lead generation efforts, augmenting them with an omnichannel marketing mix to result in a successful outcome. We will share what worked with our international clients and how to make it a great success for your business.

1. Maximize Your Outreach Results Through Inbound Content.

Are your assets supporting your outreach effort and getting you qualified leads fast? Do your assets help position you as a thought leader and strengthen your brand as an international expert in the category? Do you provide solutions to the current problems your targets have? Does your outreach effort yield a strong ROI? If your massive email or LinkedIn campaigns are not getting you high results, chances are you missed some important steps in business development.

Find out the most effective steps in how to build a pipeline using inbound content that prospects want to read and watch and how to demonstrate your superior industry expertise.

2. How to Convert More Leads by Optimizing the Buyer Journey.

Your website is your major 24/7 sales rep that never takes a break. It should work as a strong magnet that functions like New York City’s Central Station connecting multiple streams of traffic. What would you need to do to optimize website functionality to become a powerful marketing hub to assist in your business expansion? Is your website providing connected experience between all touchpoints with your brand online that lead prospects to the website?

Find out common mistakes and conversion killers companies inadvertently place in the way of a lead and how to smooth the buyer journey across channels and minimize the loss of perfectly qualified leads.

3. Get Found Before Pushing out a Massive Outbound Email Blast.

How much is your team following email best practices to ensure top deliverability and response rate? If they are not professional email marketers, they are likely to be making these five crucial mistakes day in and day out.

Find out what must change in your email practices in order to meet your response and business growth goals and how to use email to move prospects down the sales funnel. Avoid failures and pitfalls while trying to meet sales goals with low-cost blast emails.

4. How to Build Relationships with Buyers With or Without Trade Shows.

Every buyer needs to spend time and have multiple opportunities to learn about your solutions in order to build trust in your brand, especially if you are an international brand that is not well known in the U.S. In the absence of trade shows due to COVID-19, you can position yourself as a thought leader and build relationships while still moving the sales funnel by deploying a variety of online tactics such as webinars, virtual expos, newsletters, etc. and promote them across multiple channels. It is important to know how and when to best use them to make sure the prospects are most receptive. Deploying tactics without a comprehensive plan can significantly backfire.

Learn how to transform your marketing capabilities and focus and implement multi-channel marketing for successful webinar-based educational events and other high-impact remote tactics. Continue to build your lead pipeline so that it is ready for relaunching to business as usual post-COVID-19.

5A. How to Grab the Biggest Piece of the eCommerce Market.

With no ability to shop in stores, consumers are pushing eCommerce to new highs. Whether you are a U.S.-based business or an international brand—online-only shopping creates unprecedented opportunities to grab market share in any national market. Are you participating in this bonanza? Are you seeing a surge in orders?

It’s time to expand your market opportunities if you already have eCommerce in place or get started if you are thinking about adding an eCommerce channel to drive more revenue.
Find out what you can do to maximize traffic and your conversion rate for eCommerce business right now.

5B. How to Acquire B2B Target Accounts with ABM.

There is a group of target accounts you want to acquire more than any others. If you could only create cross-channel marketing outreach just for these accounts and nobody else... Now you can! In contrast to standard wide-reaching campaigns, ABM (Account Based Marketing) targets specific accounts. With the COVID-19 slowdown, the winning strategy is to focus on the best prospects. Is your sales and marketing team focused? Or are they still going for quantity?

Find out how to create focused personalized multi-touchpoint campaigns across a variety of channels, including email, Google Display, social, direct mail, retargeting, and more.