Learn how to implement the most successful sales events to grow your business from the award-winning team

Events Replacement Strategies During and Beyond Global Pandemic


Training Agenda: What to Expect

In our training, we will cover the best practices of developing new business through events, in addition to increasing your brand visibility. The current pandemic crisis has decreased the possibility of finding new sales and growing pipelines through live events, replacing them with less effective webinars.


How can your team combine the strengths of virtual events and in-person sales meetings to keep the leads coming?

Learn the new methods from the award-winning team. We have been honored to receive a prestigious Gold Stevie® Award 2020 for a Global Virtual Live Sales Event by the American Business Association.

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BDMT is a Gold Stevie Award Winner
1. Most Effective Events From Before COVID-19

These types of events were the most productive in terms of filling in the pipeline and moving prospects through the pipeline stages. COVID or not – they are still the best revenue drivers.

· Private events at key geographical hubs

· Trade shows + programs for awareness and lead gen programs

· Snack & demo by-invitation events only

2. Do Not Let Your Pipeline Dry Out Now

Even with venues closing, these programs are still relevant. Come to learn how you can deploy them for your business development needs in the new virtual environment. If you fall behind now, your business with the empty pipeline will not be able to catch up.

· Implement the same events – just virtually

· Everyone works online now and is easier to engage

· Spend less on virtual programs than real-life events

3. It’s Not the Event That Was Missing – It Was Channel Optimization

Even before the pandemic, your investment into events was not optimized. You will love our tried-and-true method of investment ROI maximization, by deploying, among others, the following strategies:

· Proper use of LinkedIn for pre- and post-event outreach

· Email outreach game-changing strategies for increased ROI

· Personalized content and persona-based outreach tracks

With some details to add – this is ALL YOUR ORGANIZATION will need to benefit from event-based demand-generation strategies.

We can personalize the training for your business based on your specific product/ industry.

After this training, you may not ever want to go back to the expensive trade show booths again.

Learn more about our award-winning event and our unique tradeshow optimization methods.

For group discounts and personalized company-specific training, please contact us at amaheshwari@tribalvisionusa.com to inquire.

Looking forward to helping you fill in your sales pipeline!


Suzy Im, Managing Partner at BDMT Global, an international growth and outsourced business development and marketing transformation team, SVP at TribalVision Worldwide, Marketing Faculty at Emerson College in Boston, MA.

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