Are you expanding into a new market? Are you unsure about how to cost effectively get leads? Business Development & Marketing Transformation (BDMT) Global uniquely helps assess the market with local and industry know how, developing both effective GTM (Go-to-Market) strategies to support your new business direction and reach the market you are targeting. Our award-winning team helps ensure that your expansion sales pipeline and your marketing initiatives support your company’s overall goals, from strategy, planning, and research to execution, launch, and driving results.

Every year thousands of international companies come to the North American market and roll out the same business development playbook: sending 500 emails, making 400 calls, and attending 200 trade shows hoping to secure meetings with prospects and fill their pipeline.

Solutions for Better Business Development

A strong sales effort is a must, however, most companies skip one important step—deep analytics about the new market, the new segment, or gathering deep intelligence about specific prospect accounts to confirm that the direction is right and the GTM strategies are fully developed and differentiated from competitors.

For example, if you are a high-tech manufacturing innovator with products and technologies that can expand into various different markets such as semiconductor, healthtech, automation, pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, etc., with an eye on the US market, and you are looking to win business from other vendors and expand sales, have you thought about the following questions:

How many verticals and market entry options did you consider to maximize your ROI? How many other channels and scenarios have you evaluated before booking 15 expensive trade shows? Did you equip yourself with the right marketing assets to support your new business direction to be relevant to your new prospects? Do you have in-house experts for market opportunity evaluation, segmentation, and GTM planning, who have deep knowledge of the new segments or markets?

If the answer to these questions is no, your plan and your direction are likely not optimal. This is when you know that you need better business development.

Maximizing Business Development with Marketing Transformation to Meet Global Demand

Another big issue is that every one of your competitors has the same playbook, with a remarkable challenge to stand out from digitally-native players. What’s worse, the COVID-19 crisis has removed the trade show as a channel, replacing it with webinars. Now you are competing with others for prospect attention in an online marketplace. Does your team have the know-how? Can you track and convince buyers in the most relevant ways without trade shows so that you can effectively solve their problems? Are you selling a solution or a product? Have you figured out a winning business development AND marketing strategy that optimizes automation for cost effectiveness and conversions to position yourself as a solution for your prospects? Or, are you still manually triggering mass emails hoping to get noticed?

That is when you know that marketing transformation is needed.

When launching into new markets, you need deep local expertise, you need to evaluate all options, and you need to choose smart, high-impact, cost-effective GTM strategies and marketing execution plans. Do you have strategy experts on your team? Do you have the right team and capabilities to execute your vision?

If your market entry expenses greatly exceed results, it’s time to stop and rethink your options and hire outsourced business development and marketing transformation experts. Market leaders have long been collaborating with outsourced providers to quickly and effectively generate results.

Market leaders aren’t just taking a shot in the dark with outsourcing; there are cold, hard numbers behind the need to outsource. A Bain & Co. study of 2,000 companies over 10 years found that only one in 10 companies achieved sustained, profitable growth.

The numbers don’t tell the full story, until you look at what the winners had in common: more effective capability sourcing. 85% of the winning companies used capability sourcing more broadly and innovatively than their competitors. If you need to find new ways to dominate in the market: the numbers prove that intelligent outsourcing is a good strategy to help your company secure its spot in the top 10%.

Your company stands to realize at least 8 benefits from outsourced BDMT Global services:

Speed to Market & New Markets Entry

Time is, quite literally, money. In today’s hypercompetitive market climate, businesses can’t afford to waste time when an opportunity arises. With a larger team and library of resources, outsourced business development and marketing firms can produce deliverables faster than an in-house team, often in a matter of four weeks.

Outsourced firms often have enough expertise internally to produce impactful deliverables and will have established partnerships to find additional specialized skill sets, if needed. The gap in speed to market between in-house and outsourced teams is especially large when pursuing a new model of market acquisition, targeting new segments of existing markets, or entering completely new markets that your in-house team may be unfamiliar with.

Expertise Breadth & Depth

Effective multi-channel outreach requires a wide range of expertise. The ideal global business development team includes GTM (Go-to-Market) strategists, local market analysts, growth and lead generation experts, automation technologists. Hiring a team full-time or just to develop strategy and no results will be either too costly or too ineffective. A good cost-effective business development plan includes automated specialized marketing components and deployment of digital capabilities to replace thousands of expensive labor hours by sales reps.

The marketing transformation team needs to make sure to support the business development direction to effectively meet modern buyers by getting through the noise and providing solutions to the problems that buyers and markets face.

Hiring a large enough staff to cover all bases isn’t often feasible, and it’s expensive even when it is possible. Given the need for adaptive skills and rapid technology changes of our era, even the best in-house team can fall behind in cost-effective execution as new areas of expertise become necessary. Finding and maintaining an in-house business development marketing staff with the right expertise at the right cost is very difficult.

Cross-Industry Knowledge & Innovation

Oftentimes, an outsourced provider has diverse clients and industries, which gives you an advantage. Crossindustry experience allows firms to develop innovative strategies based on the success of a wide sample of businesses and industries, beyond the expertise of your internal experts that may only know your industry.

The experience gained from supporting many global businesses enables outsourcing firms to better evaluate how to support yours. By observing the methods and innovation of an outsourced provider, internal employees can learn more effective strategies, boosting internal productivity tremendously.

New ideas can lead to internal transformation beyond the scope of the engagement you have with the outsourced provider, especially if your employees are proactive and curious to learn more.

Expanded Go-to-Market Strategy

Where your overall go-to-market strategy may be limited by your own internal team’s level of expertise on various marketing channels and tactics, by leveraging an outsourced strategy and business development delivery team the sky’s the limit.

Outsourced experts have to prove that the money you are spending is bringing you results, so they have a high level of training and technical execution. Your internal team may not be facing the same pressure and so may not have the same level of knowledge.

For example, we notice that influencer relations or analyst relations for technology companies and innovative products in various categories require expertise that an internal team almost always lacks. Rather than ignoring those tactics, by outsourcing these services, you can be sure that you are taking advantage of the most cutting-edge market tactics out there and you’re staying ahead of or at least keeping up with the competition.

Flexibility & Freedom

Markets are constantly changing and you don’t want to be the business left behind – there is no time to ramp up – your team needs results now.


Companies need the strategic and organizational mobility to shift gears at a moment’s notice, and outsourcing allows you to have an instantly prepared and specialized team available whenever a shift requires adapting your strategy. It also enables your company to explore new go-to-market methods without a longterm commitment or major expense.

Savings & No Overhead

The fixed payments of outsourcing may appear to be more expensive at the onset, but the money saved is almost always greater. Fixed costs in salaries, management overhead, time you spend on training, market insights, industry expertise, technology, and facilities often account for the largest portion of an organizational budget and far exceed a predictable monthly expense of an outsourced department.

The assembly of a small in-house department is an investment that easily stretches into six figures. It also creates an area of year-round overhead – including retirement benefits, health insurance, vacation pay, etc. – that becomes an immovable, fixed expense. Finding competent executives with the right expertise also takes time and money. Outsourcing will save you both.

Accountability & Results

In today’s economic climate, companies can’t afford to spend money without measurable results. In contrast to an internal hire or a consultant, an external marketing firm that doesn’t deliver results will quickly be replaced with a more productive one.

Not only does this mean that successful service providers have been vetted by your peers, it also means that your outsourced team knows that they will be held accountable for the work performed. Without the cushion of a long-term contract, a global business development and marketing partner must be results-driven in order to survive.

Objectivity & Your Best Interests

Successful global business development and marketing must shape market perception of your value proposition. While a company’s conception of its brand is important, it is the market’s opinions that ultimately determine the success of a business. Having a fresh perspective enables outsourced teams to see your company as prospective clients see it and engineer all go-to-market activities centered around the buyer.

Because it is much harder for in-house employees to divorce themselves from company politics and groupthink, the objective strategic vision of outside providers like BDMT Global will produce results more reliably. Your outsourced team will be honest about your company’s positioning, and that jolt is often just what a business needs to move to the next level.

Outsourced sales, business development, and growth solutions are not one size fits all. 

If you are not looking to outsource all sales and marketing entirely, but there are tactics your in-house team has never tried before, or the tools and tactics your team is not familiar with, or you are entering unfamiliar territory of a new market or segment, an outsourced services provider with an already established team and expertise can be a great solution for you. 

As an experienced outsourced provider, we work side-by-side with in-house business development and sales/marketing teams and will work with your employees to execute your vision, pursuing your best interests. At BDMT Global, we pride ourselves on being able to blend in as an addition to any internal team and drive results together.

We specialize in business development, go-to-market strategy, marketing automation, and digital marketing and can support your organization in a variety of ways. If you are just setting up a go-to-market strategy and organization, we can be a model for the new hires to continue building your success. 

Our success is completely tied to your success and your success is our priority.