Industry Services

Our business is embarking on a strenuous and a risky journey of a new market entry. To ensure success and to minimize the cost of entry you need experts by your side who not only work in your destination markets (North America, South America and the EU), but also have deep industry expertise.

BDMT Global hires senior executives with decades of experience in high-tech, life sciences, medical devices, manufacturing, healthcare, and eCommerce and such to ensure that you have peers to work with who don’t need industry training. Their expertise will help you and your business adapt to the new market realities and will provide you and your team with the opportunities to learn more best practices.

BDMT Global has experience and hires experts in the following verticals:


Are you a technology provider looking to increase awareness and obtain more leads for your innovative solution? BDMT Global helps technical teams add the missing marketing discipline or provide outsourced help to a small internal team in times of critical need. Find out how.

Medical Devices

Healthcare technology is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and one of the most competitive. BDMT Global helps innovative companies establish themselves in new markets, developing custom strategies to increase awareness, generate leads, and find partners in very competitive markets. Find out how.


Are you an ambitious entrepreneur who dreams big and does not stop? Or are you discouraged by the national borders in order to pursue global expansion? BDMT Global can be your trusted partner in launching and succeeding in new markets earlier than you think. Find out how.


BDMT Global provides senior expertise in strategies to both develop awareness and demand in your target markets via traditional and digital channels. Find out how.